What are you good at? Use your interests and talents to raise funds for the cause. Get your community, school, youth group, and church involved in raising funds. Set a fundraising goal and get to work.

  1. Do something you love to help those in need.
    Have a bake sale, make and sell bracelets, if you love to sing, host a Sing for Safe Water party and ask for donations.
  2. Hold a Walk-for-Water Walk-a-Thon
 at your school.
  3. Initiate a Change for Change drive. Each class competes to raise the most change. (Contributions dropped into large water bottles. See link for printable posters.)
  4. Raffle a Basket.
  5. Forego birthday or holiday presents and ask that donations be made to SFSW instead.
  6. Gift wrap for donations during the holidays.
  7. Recycle bottles and cans.  Start a program on your campus.
  8. Host a garage/rummage/white elephant sale.
  9. Help us apply for grants.
  10. Help to document the issue.
    If you are a student interested in photography and this issue, join us this summer and photograph the experience. If you have photographs depicting the issue, email us and we will share them to help spread the word.
  11. Matching gifts challenge.
    Have local businesses pledge a certain dollar amount and challenge
 students to raise funds to match it over a period of time (see link for printable letters)
  12. Make a secure donation on line via PAY PAL. EIN 45-2037163. The donation is tax deductible.
  13. Shop – Buy our products
  14. Attend our events and the events of other organizations working to improve the condition of those living without safe water.