About Us

Nearly one billion people, one in eight, don’t have access to safe water and nearly 2.5 billion do not have access to a toilet. Lack of safe water and sanitation ¬†kills more than 3.5 million people every year, keeps children from getting an education, and traps millions in a cycle of poverty.

84 percent of water-related deaths are children.  Nearly all of those deaths, 98 percent, occur in the developing world. Further, women and children spend many hours gathering water, often contaminated, every day. Access to clean, safe water not only impacts health but poverty. Girls are not permitted the time to get an education. Women and families cannot pursue business opportunities when they must spend their time collecting water. Providing villagers in the developing world with a safe water source is the single most impactful thing that can be done to improve lives.

Through access to safe water, we can help turn tragedy, illness and death into hope, good health, and life.

Our goal is

  • To educate students, teachers and the general public and raise awareness about the world water crisis.
  • To support the needs of those living in Latin America and around the world by raising funds to provide safe water and sanitation projects in villages and communities in need.
  • To partner with other 501(C)(3) organizations to educate, fund and build projects.
  • To help other like minded students do the same in their communities and on their own campuses

SFSW is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization. EIN #45-2037163